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New Eaters Club

From the first bite of starting solids to 12 months

Is Baby ready for the family table?

Start your baby on solids with ease and confidence with The New Eaters Club.

The New Eaters Club will make your confidence and know-how soar as you start your baby on solids!

With every new phase and stage in your baby’s life, there’s a learning curve.


Sometimes smooth and easy, and sometimes confusing, scary and downright frustrating.


Starting solids is a big milestone for both you and baby.

In fact…

Making homemade baby food is THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make in your child’s lifelong health.

By giving your baby real foods sets the bar for their palette and influences their likes and dislikes (yes, you can get your baby to love beets!)

You can avoid raising a picky eater from the get-go by offering a wide array of foods that most babies don’t eat.

What’s offered to your baby as you start this food adventure, can shape their eating and relationship with food, for life.

Knowing what vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, carbohydrates and fats that your baby needs to grow healthy and strong, right from the beginning, are essential and all need to be a part of your baby’s diet.

Figuring out how to navigating what’s best, can be overwhelming.

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably wondering:


At what age should I

Start feeding my baby solids?


What time of day

do I feed him / her solids and does it replace breast milk or formula?


How do I introduce

Solids into my baby’s day?


Do I make my own food?

Will my baby like the food that I make?


What food do I start with?

Is it supposed to be iron-rich?


Whose advice do I listen to?

My doctor says one thing, the books I’m reading say something else entirely…

You might be surprised to know that cooking your own baby food is quite easy.

You can give your baby everything they need to grow healthy and strong from their first bite.

You can turn your uncertainty and confusion into know-how, confidence and become your baby’s own food expert!

After working with thousands of new parents for over 16 years, I realize that parents need to know all the how’s, when’s and what’s as they start and continue solid food.

Sure, you can read a blog here, watch a video there, but I’ve seen many parents without the big picture in my office, with so many questions and challenges. That’s why I created The New Eaters Club.

It’s not just about those first foods, it’s also about progressing with super tasty dishes, finger foods and then onto family meals.

With ease.

~ Lianne, author and founder of Sprout Right and mother of two super healthy daughters.

Kaern(1)“As a new mom, I’ve found the ‘all about baby’ learning curve to be quite steep and often confusing because there’s much information available online.

I’ve made the decision to stop researching and googling and instead ask experts to avoid some of this confusion! When it came time to start my son on solids, I checked out Sprout Right’s website and decided to buy the online video for starting solids.

It was perfect! In 30 mins (which I watched in pieces over several days), I learned exactly what I needed to do and what foods to start with, and what to avoid. It turns out my son LOVES food, and introducing new foods has been one of our most fun adventures. I later got the Sprout Right book which I’ve been using to help keep us on track. It’s a great reference for every stage. I’ve even been using it as a checklist as we introduce new foods recommended in the book.”


Introducing the New Eaters Club for Starting Solids and Beyond!

Six week DIY online program including the 12 part cooking class series and the optional add-on of personal support for three months.

The Starting Solids videos are a great alternative for the busy Mom who is unable to attend the in-class introduction to Starting Solids Program.

Jennifer B.

Let’s take a look at everything that you’ll get in the program. Over six weeks, you’ll receive:


Easy to follow videos

Complete with 14 how-to videos.


Two weekly cooking class videos with recipes

To change and keep mealtime interesting.


Comprehensive how-to guide

Comprehensive how to guides answers all of your questions.


A checklist to keep track of what foods you’ve offered

Do I feed him/her solids and does it replace breast milk or formula?


Online support

With our interactive and dynamic private Facebook Group

Weekly Topics

  • Starting Solids 101. Get the 30-minute video and downloadable workbook, a checklist for tracking foods as you offer them and first foods recipe if you need to start straight away.
  • Baby Food Tools – Find out the only 3 tools you need to make homemade baby food! You’ll also learn how to store baby food (so you can make a ton at a time).
  • Your First Baby Recipe! – Learn the best two foods to start with and why these two particular purées will give your baby’s taste buds a dance party.
WEEK 2, 3 and 4

weeks 2-4Whether you know how to cook or not, making a puree is simple–when you know how. You’ll receive the videos in order of how you can introduce this variety of foods, and not question or even think about it.

Each video takes you through how to efficiently peel, chop (yes there’s a way to speedily chop and keep your fingers), cook, puree and store your baby food. You’re in control here. If you want your baby to have textured food, then you adjust. I’ll show you how. You’ll be whipping up these foods for your baby in no time, and then progressing onto what foods to keep it interesting and when it’s time to add in spices and herbs.

WEEKS 5 and 6

weeks 5-6New textures and tastes to add onto the foundation of the first weeks. If your baby isn’t ready for these complex recipes, don’t worry, just keep the emails for when she is. You won’t believe how tasty these recipes are! They can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Remember that you’re setting the bar with tastes that you offer right now, at this young age. The more exposure, the better an eater he’ll be long term. Have you come across anything in a package that has iron rich molasses in it? Or immune boosting raisins and garlic? How about cilantro and lemon juice combined with onions and garlic? Yep, we haven’t either.

Finger foods and pieces are important to strengthen that pincer grip and help challenge and relax the gag-reflex that’s common until closer to nine months of age. This is how you’re moving your baby towards family meals as she gets closer to one year old, and you making one meal for everyone. Yes, that day will come.

We joined Lianne’s New Eaters Club when our son was eight months old. As first time parents we were grateful for any and all advice we could get, especially when it came to food. My husband has quite a few allergies – and a story of a trip to the hospital after a reaction to eggs as a child, so this wasn’t something we took lightly.

In our very first conversation with Lianne she opened our eyes to the fact that even marketed “first food” go-tos can contain processed sugar – and that that sugar could compromise our baby’s immune system for up to four hours after consuming it. The world of probiotics was next – we were hooked. She patiently held our hands at every stage, shared weekly videos and recipes, and offered a safe place for every kind of question in the New Eaters Club Facebook group. Our highlight, if we had to pick one, would be every time we were able to chat with Lianne live – either in person or via Skype. Her passion for food – both for babies and Mums/Dads is infectious.

Now over a year, our baby still enjoys probiotics daily – and eggs most mornings. Very grateful to report that he doesn’t appear to share any of the food allergies his Dad suffers from. Bottom line, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or first-time parent, this club will arm you with the tools you need to make a difference in your baby’s life. What better gift could you give your child than a love for healthy, nutritious, delicious food.

Sarah and baby Gavin

Last Chance Sale


  • Starting your Baby on Solids course
  • 12 part Cooking Class video course
  • Access to Private Facebook group
  • Printable recipe cards for all recipes

Bonuses :

  • 7 Day How to Feed Your Food Adventurer Meal Plan
  • Extra printable Super Chunky recipe cards with 6 new recipes

Sprout Right – Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler is by far the best book I’ve bought for making my own baby food.
Must have for every momma! Well done!

Rebekah G.

Still thinking you want to buy baby food at the store?


I know, I know. It’s there, on the shelf and so easy to grab and feed. Those squeeze packs are so great for on-the-go but how is sucking puree out of a tube teaching her to eat?

Also with everything that you’re offering a blend of food, how can he differentiate tastes when everything is a mix? The jars don’t taste like homemade–they’re so bland.

And, yes, there will be one day when he eats family meals and with his taste buds set to bland or foods that don’t taste like the real thing, pickiness follows and so does the battle.

I know you don’t want that. I don’t want that for you.

The effort that you put in now, will pay you back for years to come. I promise.

You can do this. I’ve worked with thousands of parents who doubted themselves, just like you. I promise you

I’m really busy, how much time do I need to devote to this?

You’ve got to make the food anyway, right? So learn how to become a speedster baby food maker. Watch the videos, that are about 15 minutes long, and peel, chop and puree along with me. You’ll might be slow to start cause you’re learning something new.

As with everything, you’ll become more efficient and amazed how much food you can make, how long it lasts and how much time you won’t be spending in the kitchen with the batch size.

My baby isn’t ready for solids yet.

The day will come and you’ll be ready. Watch the first videos; Starting Solids 101 so you know when to start. Then the tools video, so you’ll know the tools you need to have in your kitchen, and then scan over the butternut squash and pear video. It’ll answer your questions so you can get an idea of what’s involved, how much produce you’ll need and how I set up my kitchen. You’ll have access to the program for the following year and you'll be able to ask your questions and hear some of the challenges that others are having on the Facebook page. Forewarned is forearmed as they say!

Last Chance Sale


  • Starting your Baby on Solids course
  • 12 part Cooking Class video course
  • Access to Private Facebook group
  • Printable recipe cards for all recipes

Bonuses :

  • 7 Day How to Feed Your Food Adventurer Meal Plan
  • Extra printable Super Chunky recipe cards with 6 new recipes


Here's your chance and although it may take a bit more of your time right now, when your seven year old will eat any food that's put in front of them, you'll be happy that you made this decision now.

You’ll have access to the course for 12 months, so if you don’t get through it all as you receive it, don’t worry.

You or your baby may not be ready yet. Or the textured meals from the sixth class onwards may be too much for her right now, so come back when he’s ready and you’ll learn what’s needed for that stage.

Each video is about 15 minutes long so you’ll need time to watch and chop along with me, so no more than an hour from start to finish for each video. That’s peeled, chopped, cooked and into your storage trays.

No one can make food for your baby like you can. You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support do I receive while going through the program?

The course itself has the video on starting solids, the checklist and how-to notes, the run down of the equipment needed before bi-weekly videos and recipes, tips of how to combine foods and so much more. The Facebook group is there to ask questions, share photos, wins, concerns and just to have a rant. We will be following along, giving our advice, laughing with you (or crying with you).

Who is Lianne?

Lianne graduated, with honours in 1999 from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, England as a Registered Nutritionist. She realized after having her first daughter that there needed to be someone she could turn to for all the questions she had about feeding her daughter. Even with her expertise. She decided to become that expert.

Lianne’s book, Sprout Right – Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler has sold over 12K copies worldwide. She has taught thousands of new parents how to feed their babies, how to make food for their babies, feed them with well despite difficulties, symptoms, birth complications and more. Her hands on cooking classes taught parents who had never held a knife to chefs, who run award winning restaurants, plating up hundreds of meals a night.

She is the go-to expert for all things food related to babies and toddlers. She’s regularly interviewed for both online and print media, is an expert on a talk-radio show every Friday and has appeared on media outlets like CTVNewsNet, CTV CanadaAM, Global MorningLive, CityLine, CHCH Morning live and so many more.

She has the trust of parents across the country and around the world. She’s hoping to gain yours too.

I'm still not sure this is right for me and my baby? I’ve already started my baby on solids and I’m buying food. It seems to be going well.

Please don’t underestimate the impact that you making your baby’s food can have. The food that your baby eats now, sets the bar on the tastes and flavours that they will eat for the rest of their lives. Knowing what goes into the food you make is incredibly important. What you make at home will offer so much more than store bought, in so many ways.

You can do this. It’s worth the time and effort. I’ve seen it countless times. You are influencing her relationship with food as you start this adventure.

Why this, and not another book or program?

Because all that you’ll learn comes from an expert who has been there, done it. And wrote the book.

Here’s her story:


I had my first daughter. I was so confused and thought I’d know what to do ‘cause I’m a nutritionist.


I really didn’t. Even with all my background and training, I had to get my fear in check about doing it all wrong and somehow harming her, so I could make a start. Her doctor gave me a piece of paper to follow when she was four months old and I walked away, perplexed and unsure.

I was just as confused as you likely are. She, nor I, were ready to start solids. I waited until she was almost six months old.

Starting food brought on rashes, she was super irritated, even stopped eating for a month after two months of enjoying food. It was challenging. My motivation to start my company, Sprout Right, was and still is, to help parents start and progress knowing what to do. No matter what comes up.

To feel empowered, not be scared of making mistakes or depriving crucial nutrients for growth.

Join me in this six week program and like me, become confident from the start. After this is the start to a lifetime of eating. Get on the right path right here, right now!

Questions? Please ask below!

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