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The 5 Things You Need to Know When Starting Solids

Do you have a new eater who is about to start solids?

Or a baby who is chowing down and you need help to progress onto new foods?

This is for you. So you're not alone.

These are most parents' burning questions that will be answered during the webinar. I am the expert in all things food and baby, so you won't be disappointed that you took the time!

I'll share all about the below and more. You need to know all this and more! You'll learn about things that you didn't know that you need to know! There will be time for your question to be answered. So get those ready! I'll also introduce you to The New Eaters Club, an exciting new program that I've created and love to tell you about.

When am I supposed to start? Four months, five or six months? I keep hearing something different. – You will learn what's optimal and the important reasons why.

Which is more important? Breastmilk or formula or food? – Learn what comes first and what changes might you see.

What food to start with? Allergic foods like peanuts, eggs and fish? Or iron-rich cereal? – You'll know by the end of the webinar what food do avoid that could deplete your baby's iron status and what's easiest on the digestive and immune systems.

How much food is enough at each meal? – Some babies don’t have an off switch and others need coaxing to open their mouth, you'll learn how to navigate it all.

Which is more important and comes first; breastmilk or formula or food at mealtimes? – The order is important when you start and progress.

And just for good measure – Why bother making homemade food for your baby? It’s quick and easy to buy those pouches and jars, I know, I know. I also know you are sleep deprived tired and don't think you have time. 


Sprout Right - Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler is by far the best book I've bought for making my own baby food.
Must have for every momma! Well done!

Rebekah G.

As you begin this food adventure with your baby, a pretty big milestone for both, you’ve got support, information, every how-to you could think of, for every step of starting solids and beyond.

You’ll learn how to start, what to feed and then how to make delicious and nutritious meals for your baby, in your own home. No matter whether you are a chef or you don’t cook, this program is for you. It’s all in one spot, not all over the internet, and most importantly curated by Canada’s expert in nutrition from tummy to toddler (that’s me!)

"What do I start with?"

Are you thinking cereal? Or been told to start there then move onto vegetables and fruits? Could that actually harm your baby’s iron status? I’ll share lots more on that.

“Why bother making homemade food?"

"It’s quick and easy to buy those pouches and jars.” I know you are sleep deprived and may not know what to do, but might your effort now shape her tastes for life? Avoid the picky eater stage? I’ll share all about this and more!

"How much food is enough?"

"As in what’s too little or too much food. He just wants to keep eating.” Some babies don’t have an off switch and others need coaxing to open their mouth. I’ll share what to do in both cases.

Lianne Phillipson is the founder and author of Sprout Right - Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler. Sprout Right was born to support women and couples as they embark on parenthood. From pre-conception to prenatal and postnatal nutrition, all Sprout Right's services focus on influencing this next generation to be healthier than the last. With over 18 years of experience, Lianne knows first hand the challenges of feeding a family as she's a mother of two daughters, and has built her business since they were babies.

Lianne graduated with honours from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London, England, and has since shared her knowledge with thousands of women and their families through personal consultations, cooking classes and numerous television appearances on Canada AM, Breakfast Television, CityLine, Global Morning Live, Rogers Daytime, and CHCH Morning Live and is the resident expert on The Jerry Agar Show on NewsTalk1010 radio. She also contributes to Today's Parent magazine and many online parenting websites, runs Sprout Right's interactive workshops and has recently launched The New Eaters Club.